Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Healthy Lifestyle

    Healthy lifestyle can be defined as a way of life that has positive impact to a person and society. Example of healthy lifestyle is we can live joyfully without any problems that can be effecting our life. In the modern of life, there have many pressure of healthy lifestyle which is a goal to be achieved immediately. Therefore, there are many ways that can be done to achieve that goals.  
    The first step is we need to practicing a form of healthy diet in our lives. In the real life, many people love to eating junk food and fatty foods which has salt, sugar and high sodium glutamate. In this case, variety of chronic diseases can be easily obtained such as heart attack, high blood pressure or diabetes is also the highest cause of death in our country. The people also need to keeping away from bad habits such as smoke or drinking alcohol  because its effects are harmful. It is clear that a balanced diet to allow us to achieve a happy life because all nutrients we need in body is obtained by a balanced diet.

    Beside that, activity of exercising regularly can be make our life more healthy and cheerful. For example, we can carry out activities such as sports, recreation and jogging with family or friend every weekend. Exercise activities like that has been acknowledged by medical specialists and can be able make our immune system high. People who like sports are usually have a healthy body and active minds compared with those who do not like sports. In fact, the more exercise we do, the higher the level of  healthy we obtain because our minds come from a healthy body.

    Furthermore, the public must also priority personal hygiene at all times to ensure they are protected from various diseases. Basic needs like brushing teeth, bath, wearing clean clothes, bedtime and rest enough should be the practice in daily livesIn order to prevent from infection or disease, we need to priority culture of self-discipline with the basic of cleanliness such as wash hands thoroughly before eating, cover the food properly and others. Complacent attitude of the society in this aspect may be fatal. Hence, this practice should be preferred to a healthy lifestyle in community.

    In addition, healthy lifestyle also involves psychological and social aspects of a person. We should be open and willing to share our problems with people we closely compared with individuals who prefer to keep their problems alone. The attitude of friends and spend time with them make human psychology filled with the effective. The society are encouraged to friendly communication with their friends and neighbours. Enduring relationships usually able to produce a form of a happy life and cheerful. Indeed, psychological and social aspects of humanity must be filled to obtain healthy lifestyle.

    Finally, at the same time a positive attitude or mentality important to be held by a person to deal with the pressures of life in the modern era. Positive thinking makes a person able to solve many of the rot with a good life without stress. In modern life is full of challenges, especially the pressure in the office requires a positive perception of the community members. to those who face pressures, they may be able to get help from specialists motivation or friends around them. This case, help from experts motivation can help us from trapped into negative behavior such as abuse, drug addiction or doing something unexpected. Thus, The more positive mindset then the higher a person healthy lifestyle who is able to achieve future.

    In a nutshell, A healthy lifestyle can be obtained through all the practices that appear earlier. A healthy lifestyle also is achieved if the people to practice all aspects of life based on the characteristics of a healthy human. Only the attitudes of people who still underestimate the importance of the kind of lifestyle cause various health problems. We all need to understand that prevention is better than cure.

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