Thursday, 7 June 2012


    "We did not inherit the environment from our ancestors, rather we borrow it from future generations. therefore, care for the environment so our children and grandchildren can enjoy it. Mahatma Gandhi's words are enough to prove that the environment is the most valuable assets that need to be taken care of its interests. Along the flow globalization, each of us would want the best environmental conditions and beautiful and development assets beyond our consciousness towards the environment. Thus, the paradigm shift should be done so that the causes of the environment can be avoided.

    Environmental pollution can be divided into three things, namely air pollution, water pollution and noise pollution. Air pollution provide  heterogeneous impact to humans if garbage and toxic waste directly thrown into the main source of water flow consisting of rivers and the sea. Accumulated rubbish will block the water flow and contributing to the water reservoir. Thus, this potential to cause flash floods. Beside that, toxic waste and oil from the factory causing disturbed ecosystems of marine organisms when transmitted to the river and the sea. Water pollution is also an explicit impact on human health because it seems to be a way of spreader diseases such as cholera and dengue. Ironically, all people should avoid attitude not responsible and start caring for the environment.

    In addition, greedy soul of the human like housing developers is still lacking because still thinking about profit only. So, this forgetfulness causes air pollution. This is because the more trees are felled to provide field to progress the development. Air pollution occurs when carbon dioxide gas released by human  cannot be absorbed by flora because of depleting. housing construction in hillside areas should be terminated because of past events, landslide tragedy in Bukit Antarabangsa in 2009 to be a clear indicator that this case should not be manifested. 

    Furthermore, problem of environmental pollution including noise pollution. This case focuses more on the houses in industrial areas. Many complaints are published in the media when the peace of population disturbed by noise from manufacturer of palm oil mills and others. Due to the problem, smoke released by the factories without filtering will cause air pollution. Therefore, manufacturers must be innovative and pragmatic so that contamination can be constrained.

    So, if the pollution continues to threaten the beauty of the environment, we must consider the most effective methods so that pollution not happen again. Steps can be taken is the preservation and conservation our environment. This method can improve the content of oxygen in the air other than hold the ground from collapsing in the event of planting on the slopes of the hill made ​​progressively. Thus, housing developers who are still rigid carrying out projects in areas that are not approved should be severely punished. Moreover, this case to elevate their awareness that the environment is very important. To ensure that this step is achieved, local authorities should make regular observations.

    In a nutshell, all parties should be synergistic to the environment to maintain its beauty. We should know that if the environment continues to be contaminated, will it affect the next generation of environmental significance to the community in the world

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